International Cooperation

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka is actively involved in the European Research Area (ERA) and European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and strongly encourages every form of international cooperation that enables the transfer of knowledge and technologies, the increase of the scientific production standard, the quality of teaching, as well as the student mobility.

The international cooperation is based on signed bilateral agreements, membership in international scientific and professional networks and associations, participation in scientific and professional projects, on the work of students associations, on exchange programs for  students, young professionals and university lecturers, as well as on all the other possible activities whose aim is to establish, improve and maintain cooperation.

Commission for International Cooperation
1. Prof. Jasenka Mršić-Pelčić, M.D., PhD.
2. Prof. Amir Muzur, M.D., PhD.
3. Prof. Bojan Polić, M.D., PhD.
4. Prof. Tomislav Rukavina, M.D., PhD.
5. Associate Prof. Viktor Peršić, M.D., PhD.

Office for International Cooperation and Quality

With an open mind and thanks to the contacts with foreign institutions, we create the conditions to participate in bilateral and multilateral research programs, exchange programs for students, young professionals and university lecturers, as well as to ensure professional development scholarships.
The Office for International Cooperation and Qualityactively cooperates with the Department for International Cooperation of the University of Rijeka.

 Office Activities

• Coordination of the activities and the development of international cooperation and exchange with universities and faculties with whom the University of Rijeka has stipulated agreements, as well as with institutions in Europe and worldwide with whom the Faculty of Medicine has stipulated bilateral cooperation.
• Systematic training, personnel and student informing on the available international cooperation programmes.
• Following the possibilities of including the Faculty of Medicine and its personnel and students in various international organisations and programmes of interest of the Faculty.
• Encourage knowledge mobility by intensifying the mobility of students, as well as the teaching and administrative personnel.
• Regular and timely advertisements for scholarship, project, exchange applications and similar.
Office for International Cooperation

Head of the Office: Višnja Ljepojević, dipl. iur., phone: + 385 51 651 214
Associate: Tamara Deković, tel: + 385 51 651 229