Research Activities

The Faculty of Medicine of Rijeka is a dynamic research centre with an established research profile and recognisable centres of excellence. Our institution’s priority research areas comprise infectious diseases, immune disorders, tumors, neuroscience and regenerative medicine. A defined research profile allows the start up of collaborative researches and the creation of collaborative centres of excellence, competitive at a national level, as well as in the international research area. The fundamental aim of the scientific-research activity’s development strategy, is the continuous growth of the scientific production, which is systematically being followed, with a particular emphasis on the scientific papers elaborated in our institution, as well as doctoral theses.
At the Faculty of Medicine fundamental and organised researches are carried out by profiled research groups, which represent the centres of scientific development, as well as of the transfer of knowledge towards clinical disciplines. Clinical researches are carried out within the faculty’s teaching structures, out of which the Clinical Hospital Centre Rijeka is the largest one. The increase of research activities within basic researches and the expansion of the research base, represent the prerequisites for the development of applied and developing researches which should result with innovations and affiliation with the local community and the local economy. 
As part of the University of Rijeka, the Faculty of Medicine wants to be present on the global knowledge market with its research activities, participate actively in the European research area and contribute to the development of the region and of the Republic of Croatia as a strong regional research centre.
The high-level citation of several scientists, mostly research team leaders, only demonstrates the continuity of their scientific activity and represents a strong base for the development of science. The leading scientists in our institution are the carriers of numerous scientific and professional projects. The projects are a significant source of financing for science and employing young scientists, associates and project managers. The Faculty of Medicine of Rijeka is the founder of the Centre for Proteomics, which is essentially financed by international scientific projects.
The task of the Vice Dean for Science and of the Committee for Scientific-Research Activities (SRA) is to  follow systematically the scientific-research activity. Moreover, the above mentioned Committee, together with the Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Lifelong Learning, participate in the execution of doctoral degrees. In addition, the Office for Science and International Cooperation collects all the necessary information on the scientific-research activity.
The Faculty of Medicine of Rijeka is also the organiser of numerous scientific meetings, both independently, as well as in cooperation with partner institutions.