Doctoral studies (Doctoral School)

Doctoral study represents the highest level of education in the higher education system. The Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka offers five doctoral studies within the Doctoral School of Biomedicine and Health:

  1. Doctoral study of Biomedicine (180 ECTS)
  2. Doctoral study of Clinical Medicine (180 ECTS)
  3. Doctoral study of Dental Medicine (180 ECTS)
  4. Doctoral study of Public Health (180 ECTS)
  5. Doctoral study of Health and Environmental Engineering (180 ECTS).

The Biomedicine study programme is intended for the development of scientific researchers for basic research in medicine, the Clinical Medicine study programme is focused on clinical research and the Dental Medicine study programme is designed for specific research needs in dental medicine. The study programmes in Public Health and Health and Environmental Engineering are launched to produce interdisciplinary scientific researchers in public health.

The following candidates have the right to enrol in the Doctoral School: candidates who have completed an university integrated undergraduate and graduate study or university graduate study in the fields of biomedicine and public health, as well as other related fields.

All study programmes of the Doctoral School last 3 years and are conducted as part-time study.

Ažurirano 11.05.2023.

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