Environmental and Public Health

Holder and provider of the study programme: Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka (public HEI) based on the license of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport

Type of study programme: university

Level of study programme: undergraduate

Field of study: biomedicine and health

Type of study: full-time study

Anticipated duration of the study: 3 years, 180 ECTS credits

Language of the study conducted: Croatian

Academic/professional title awarded upon completion of the study: University Bachelor of Environmental and Public Health (B.Sc.EPH)

Required educational level for enrolment: completed four-year high school, met enrolment prerequisites, passed the mandatory and optional tests at the state graduation exam (evaluation parameters are determined for each academic year)

Access to further levels of study: Upon completion of the University undergraduate study of Environmental and Public Health, studying can be continued at the University graduate study of Environmental and Public Health and other related graduate studies in the country and abroad.

Employment opportunities: The study programme is aligned with the labour market needs. The list of potential employers and compliance with the requirements of professional associations includes employment in: health institutions; utility and public companies and state administration and local self-government bodies (primarily the sanitary inspection); institutions authorised to work with poisons and implementation of DDD measures; institutions for food, water and air quality control and assessment of the impact of various activities on the environment; food and pharmaceutical industry; trading companies; teaching/scientific research institutions; private practice.

Professional status: regulated in the Republic of Croatia by the Act on Regulated Professions and Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications (Official Gazette 124/09, 45/11, 74/14, 82/15, 70/19 and 47/20). Based on the decision of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia from 2013, bachelor graduates of this study are considered health professionals. This standardised international professional competencies, the name of the profession (Environmental Public Health Profession) and the undergraduate education degree (Bachelor of Environmental and Public Health).

Learning outcomes

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