First International Conference on Teaching and Learning in Medical Education

It is a great honor of the MEDRI 2023 Organizing Committee to invite you to the First International Conference on Teaching and Learning in Medical Education. The conference is complemented by a satellite International student symposium on Future Doctors Educating the World, which will be held in Lovran and Rijeka, from March 30 to April 2, 2023.

In recent years, medical educators and other healthcare professionals are confronting a complete change in the teaching and learning paradigms at the national and international levels. The rapid progress of new teaching and learning strategies, such as the introduction of student-centered learning, e-learning, interprofessional education, and clinical simulation, imposes the need for concurrent curricular changes and reskilling the educators. The special nature of medical and healthcare-related education requires implementation of a distinct curriculum for educating the educators for this multidimensional, demanding, and, above all, noble mission. Additionally, new circumstances emphasize the importance of establishing special faculty development units to support the professional and academic growth and development of medical educators.

Considering the growing need for curricular changes and reskilling of educators on all levels of medical education, the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, Croatian Medical Chamber, University of Rijeka and University Hospital Centre Rijeka, launched the initiative to organize a conference to identify current challenges in medical education, provide potential solutions, determine best practices and establish collaborations. Additionally, a special concurrent international student symposium will be held, emphasizing the invaluable role of medical students as partners and educators.

The conference is intended for medical and other healthcare educators, academic leaders, medical students, residents, fellows, and administrators. Active participation includes expert lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and innovative formats, such as Tips for Best Practices and Go-Around Poster Sections.

Finally, we look forward to spending time together in charming Lovran and Rijeka, known for their Mediterranean beauty, history and long tourist tradition. We look forward to meeting you in Croatia!

Nina Pereza, MD, PhD, Associate Professor


Sanja Kupešić, MD, PhD, Professor

Honorary President

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Final Program 21. 3. 2023.


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